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What to Cook This Week

What to Cook This Week

Then, on Thursday, you can engage in a flurry of work in advance of a feast on Friday. Try on some loaded baked potatoes for dinner (you may like this one with crab meat, jalapeño and mint). While the potatoes cook or after you’ve eaten, assemble this recipe for Ina Garten’s make-ahead coquilles St.-Jacques, which the next evening will usher you into the weekend in incredible style and great deliciousness. Pair the scallops with a green salad and, not to drift into Florence’s lane, a flinty white wine.

Many thousands more recipes to consider cooking this week are on NYT Cooking. Of course you’ll need a subscription to the site in order to access them; that is the transactional nature of modern internet culture. Fill your recipe box with recipes (wherever they come from), then organize them as you see fit. Share recipes and rate them, and please leave notes on them to remind yourself or tell others what ingredients you’ve added or subtracted and why. And if you need to brush up on some basic kitchen skills? We’ve got you covered on that front as well.

And do reach out if you run into trouble, though, with either the technology or the recipes themselves. We’re at We’ll get back to you.

Now, generally I round out these missives with cultural suggestions to offset all the talk of turnips and pancetta — like, for instance, please read Zadie Smith on this amazing city, in The New York Review of Books.

But not so much today! Today, I’d like instead to hear from you. I’d like you to tell me your best Thanksgiving story, the one that lifts your heart or triggers your anxiety, your fondest memory of the day, or the one that makes you laugh and laugh, then weep. I think a package of those stories might be a good way to explain the holiday in all its complexity, not simply to those of us who aren’t American, but to America itself. Won’t you join in? Just share your story. See you tomorrow!

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